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                                          We   would    like    to    introduce    ourselves   as    designers    and 
                                          manufacturers of   fabricated    Expanded  Polystyrene   which   is   
                                          commonly  known as  THERMOCOLE   for Packaging  & Insulation 
                                          material in  any shape, size,  &  quantity  as  per  the  requirement  
                                          of  customers  for  Engineering  &  Non-Engineering   product  for
                                          Export / Domestic    market    without mould cost.

 Fabrication of    THERMOCOLE  is  of  low  cost and  requires less time, thus   ensuring   
 the  best   quality,    safe    protection,   and    excellent  asthetic  look  for  your  highly   
 valued  product.

 We  have  a  wide  experience  in  this  field  since  last  16  years  and  can provide  the 
 packaging  material to  all  industries  who  are  engaged  in  the   field   of  Mechanical,  
 Pharmaceutical, Chemical,  Electronics,  Engineering, Automobiles, Garments, Glass, 
 Gift articles etc.

 The  properties  that  makes  THERMOCOLE  an  excellent  packaging  &  Insulation 
 material are :- 

 It  protects   each   packed  valued   product   such  as  light,  medium  &  heavy  from
    heat, Shocks  & damages during transport.
 It is light, durable, insulated & easy to handle.
 Absence of taste and odour does not harbour fungus.
 It's low thermal conductivity is backed up by its  CLOSED CELL  structure,  a natural 
    defence against moisture and prevents the material from corrosion.
  Unique snow- white colour and soft  satiny surface.

 Fabricated THERMOCOLE  is supplied in the form of :-

 End buffers, corners/ edge pads, boxes, cut pieces etc.
 Loose fills like expanded polystyrene  shreddings.
 Sheets  of  various  thickness, blocks,  ice  boxes,  fish  boxes,  pipe  sections  etc.  for
 Pallets  &  trays that  holds  components  in  the  factory  prior  to packaging & at the 
      point of  sale.

 Advantages :

   THERMOCOLE   is   of   light   weight,  easy  to  handle  &   protect  the  product  from 
      damages during transport.
   It is  weather  proof  and  does  not get affected by rain and sun  due  to  its  CLOSED 
     CELL Structure.
   It can be designed in any shape & size for packaging of valuable product. 
   No expensive die making charges or mould cost. 
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