Designer's    &    Mfrs   of 
  fabricated    thermocole
  for packing & Insulation.

 Company           give  
 consultation   for  Engg.  & 
 Non Engineering  products 
 packing, sea worthy  packing  
 & export  packing. 
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Pioneer's  Moto to  serve all Kinds  
of   industries    by    giving    good 
quality   of   packing   material   at  
resonable  cost/  time. 

     THERMOFAB    INDIA    stands   for 
     We are designers and manufacturers 
     of  fabricated  thermocole for packing
     and insulation.   Pioneers  moto  is to
     serve  all kinds of industries by giving
     good  quality  of  packaging  material
     at   reasonable   cost/ time    without
     harming   the   environment. We  can
     give  consultancy  for  Engineering  & 
     Non-Engineering   products   packing,
     Sea worthy  packing, Export packing














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